The New Classic Boot

The most sustainable boot in the world. Technical by Nature, the wool is breathable and insulating (but also thermoregulating, so no sweaty feet in the summer!). They are flexible - wear them inside or outside by simply removing the rubber overshoe. They are joyfully simple - easy to slip on and off. Perfect for slipping into Nature whenever the urge strikes.

A mid-calf boot that moulds to your feet.  Perfect for strolling in nature, pre or post swimming or surfing, gardening - or anything that gets you out into the wild.   It can be worn year-round and comes with a removable overshoe so you can go from inside to outside easily. 

How do they feel? Breathable, comfortably soft, and lightweight. They are designed to be roomy so will feel big at first. They also mould to the shape of your feet; after a few weeks of wear, they will fit like a glove (but the foot equivalent?) as well as start strengthening muscles with every step thanks to the minimalist, flexible sole.

What are they made of?  Unbleached wool and hot water.  That's it.  Then a natural rubber overshoe.

How do they fit? True to size.  They will feel big at first, but will shrink as they mould to your feet.

Each pair is unique. Because of the manufacturing process, each and every pair of Voyloks will be slightly different. They are handmade –not machine made– so there are slight variations that come from the humans behind them, including the exact height of the boot, the colour of the wool etc... Lastly, because we don't use any nasty chemicals to "clean" the wool, you may find the odd piece of hay, or seed, or any other gift from Mother Nature embedded in the fibres. If you do, consider it good luck. Most of them can be easily plucked out if you wish to do so.

Our Classics are currently only available to buy in the UK.


    One boot lets you do anything, anywhere. Slip off the overshoe and you can even wear them at home.


    100% wool gives you unbeatable breathability and insulation so you feel protected whatever the temperature.


    As you wear your boots the wool will naturally mould to the shape of your feet giving you the comfort of a custom fit.


    For every pair of boots you buy we plant a native tree such as alder, birch, rowan or willow in a deforested area of the UK.

    Your help will turn open hillsides into healthy, diverse forests filled with animals and birds from red squirrels to pine martens and even golden eagles.


    We exist to make the most sustainable boots in the world. 

    This means your boots are: