How to care for your VOYLOKs.

Are your VOYLOKs covered in signs of a day well spent? Much like our favourite people, your boots may look like total softies on the outside but they are incredibly tough.

Even if you get them dirty and wet, they'll still be totally fine if you care for them properly.

Talking dirty?
Post-adventure, allow the muck to dry before brushing off your VOYLOKs with a clothes brush or a clean shoe brush. Not only does the wool lanolin in your boots keep your feet soft and moisturised, but it also repels dirt pretty effectively.

Do not ever put your Voyloks in the washing machine! If you want them really spotless, you can use mild soap, water, and a brush to remove hard or residual stains. Rinse off the soap, and then let them dry.

Your rubber overshoes can be washed with warm water and soap.

Make a splash
Unlike sheepskin or a wool jumper, it's fine to get your VOYLOKs wet. Simply remove the rubber overshoe and let them dry overnight at room temperature. If they're really soaked, stuff them with newspaper to keep their shape.

We cannot stress this enough: do NOT put them on a hot radiator or on top of an AGA stove! You can put them next to a radiator or AGA stove, but even that isn’t needed.

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Before you pitch it, patch it

On rare occasions, the felt of your VOYLOKs might tear. Simply get another piece of felted wool and sew it as a patch tightly over the tear.

If the outsoles of your overshoes wear down after years of tough love, bring them to a cobbler or shoe repairer to fit them with a rubber patch.

Repairs help extend the lifetime of your VOYLOKs and reduce your environmental bootprint. If only all of life's problems could be patched up so easily, right?

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Don't bug out

If for some wild reason you cannot wear your VOYLOKs every day and decide to store them for a while, you will need to protect them from moths and other insects that find them as attractive as you do. Unfortunately, these creatures tend to be drawn to our natural wool boots as a meal. Look, Mother Nature has great taste.

If you want to give bugs the boot, we suggest going the natural route of lavender sachets and cedar balls – though people have plenty of other remedies online.