Kostroma Classic Boot

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Only 80 pairs of these boots are made a week. Each pair is lovingly handcrafted in a workshop on the banks of the Kostroma River in Northern Russia over five full days using only wool and hot water. This mid-calf boot can be worn year-round – slip on your rubber overshoe to take it outdoors and into the wild (or even just to empty your bins).

How do they feel? Breathable, comfortably soft, and unisex, Voyloks are impossibly lightweight. They are designed to be roomy so, although they fit true to size, size up if you are a half-size. They also mould to the shape of your feet; after a few weeks of wear, they will fit like a glove (but the foot equivalent?) as well as start strengthening muscles with every step thanks to the minimalist, flexible sole.

Each pair is unique. Because of the manufacturing process, each and every pair of Voyloks will be slightly different. They are handmade –not machine made– so there are slight variations that come from the humans behind them, including the exact height of the boot, the size of the cuff, etc. Likewise, we receive our wool in small batches, so the shades of grey will vary depending on the colour of the sheep at the time. Lastly, because we don't use any nasty chemicals to "clean" the wool, you may find the odd piece of hay, or seed, or any other gift from Mother Nature embedded in the fibres. If you do, consider it good luck. Most of them can be easily plucked out if you wish to do so.


Our first batch of Kostroma Classics + overshoes will be available for sale from February 15th in the UK only.